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STEVIA VENTURES CORPORATION was founded in 2008 in Hanoi operating in planting, merchandising, harvesting and manufacturing Steviol glycoside from Stevia – a natural herbal that benefits for health in consuming and well-known over the world for over 40 years. Products with extract from Stevia can be used as a food additive or an alternative for sugar to sweeten the food. Stevia Venture is one of the  pioneer in Vietnam that provide Stevia products to domestic market and simultaneously develop planting, processing and manufacturing this herbal in mass scale.

Recent years, consumer awareness of health protection has gradually increased and hence they pay more attention on diet and ingredients of products before shopping. This tendency leads to the unbalance in supply-demand since the supplying source has the decrease signal in current suppliers due to restraint of land, change in proportion of soil after year which consequences in low-quality raw material. Sharply posing the need of the market, Stevia Venture has put effort on developing a new source of raw material – Stevia by implementing a strategic plan to achieve short and long term goal of the business.

In short-term goal, the firm will provide Stevia products in form of tea with several flavors and export raw material (dried Stevia leaf) to US, Malaysia, Singgapo and Trung Quốc. In long-term goal, Stevia Venture will cooperate with foreigned partner who is expert in extracting Steviol glycoside with high-technique and sophisticated equipment , to construct and operate a factory in Vietnam. As a result, Stevia Venture can have a  complete loop of manufacturing Stevia products effectively that meet international standards.

In order to pursuit for business goals, the firm has been suggested and supported by Burea of Plant and Burea of Botanic Checking to cultivate Stevia plant in some regions such as  Bắc Giang, Thái Bình, Sơn Tây, Hoà Bình, Hưng Yên....In addition, Stevia Venture invests on exporting new types of Stevia plant to cultivate, joining in international conference of the industry, set up R&D Laboratory with attendances of expertises to come up with appropriate planting methods for Vietnam natural conditions. The R&D team of Stevia Venture schedules to frequently visit and inspect Stevia fields in different locations, organize short-term training courses and Forum to provide useful information and helpful consultancy to farmers.

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